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Turnbull government willing to make major concessions on university funding

The Turnbull government is prepared to significantly water down its plan to increase university fees and slash the HECS repayment threshold in a bid to pass higher education savings through Parliament. After passing school funding changes, the next education battlefront for the Turnbull government is higher education funding Photo: Louise Kennerley After the successful passage of […]

Paris-visit-marks-political-calculation-from-Macron-Trump – Story

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Host TV Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Related content WASHINGTON (CNN) – President Donald Trump’s decision to visit France on its national day next month at the invitation of new President Emmanuel Macron represents a shrewd political calculation by both leaders. Trump announced Wednesday that he would be in Paris […]

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May miscalculated | Opinion

With the large number of newsworthy political events in our country over the recent weeks, I am sure many people are not aware that there was a parliamentary election in the United Kingdom on June 8 th. It is called parliamentary, because it involved electing members of the British Parliament. This body is also known […]

Tame the ‘wild west’ of political cash

All three parties in the B.C. legislature have advocated campaign-finance reform. Let’s hope that goal doesn’t get overlooked or watered down after the dust settles and the legislators get back to the business of legislating. The B.C. Liberals introduced a bill Monday that would have banned union and corporate donations to political parties. […]

Happy 10th Anniversary Apple iPhone

Share Tweet Share Share Share Email “An iPod, a phone and an internet communicator … Are you getting it? These are not three separate devices. This is one device. And we are calling it iPhone.” That is how the world first met the iPhone a little over ten years ago in January 2007, when Steve […]

GOP lawmaker accuses Toulouse Oliver of partisanship | Local News

A top Republican legislator on Wednesday accused Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver of going soft on fellow Democrats while being “all too happy to vigorously attempt to find fault” with the campaign finances of Republicans. In a letter to Toulouse Oliver, House GOP Whip Rod Montoya suggested her office’s recent review of campaign fundraising […]