39th Annual Statewide BAPAC Convention

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SACRAMENTO – State Treasurer John Chiang, California’s lead asset manager, banker and financier will be the guest speaker for the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC) convention on Friday, October 20.

BAPAC Sacramento is hosting the upcoming 39th annual statewide BAPAC convention from October 20-21 at the Holiday Inn, Sacramento (Downtown Arena), 300 J Street.

Chiang he will discuss the trillions of dollars he oversees in annual transactions, managing a $75 billion investment portfolio, and the issuance of municipal bonds. Chiang is also a gubernatorial candidate.

The State BAPAC Office has held a state convention every year since 1978, and for the first time in 12 years, the state convention will be held in the capital city of Sacramento.

“It is imperative that the Black Political Association of California addresses the importance of developing political strength and prowess among African Americans and people of color given the national social injustices and racial duress that are continuously ignited from the current presidential administration. Convention topics include methodologies for accessing the billions of dollars California will attain through legislation for housing, transportation, cap and trade and other avenues,” states BAPAC Sacramento Chapter President Rory Kaufman.

Workshop are scheduled both days of the convention and topics include a plethora of issues with expert panelists; breakout sessions are allowed for attendees to ask questions and network with elected officials. Elected officials (city, county, state and federal) are expected to attend the event.

The year’s theme, “BAPAC: Making an Impact 2018” refers to the importance of this historical organization, the upcoming historical 2018 California elections, and the successes of BAPAC over the years. This year’s theme also addresses the varied candidates for elected office in 2018: gubernatorial, lieutenant governor, congressional, senate, assembly, county and more—candidates who are committed to the betterment of California and who will participate in the BAPAC convention.

Started in 1976 by the late Dr. Percy Pinkney (former Special Assistant to The Honorable Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Representative; and former Director of Community Relations for The Honorable Jerry Brown, California Governor) and various key leaders, BAPAC’s mission is to educate, engage and empower California communities of color in an effort to restore and promote social and economic equity. It is a political advocacy organization which acts as a voice for the people of California as it pertains to legislation, public policy and empowerment.

For more information, contact James Sweeney, State Regional Vice President, at (510) 435-4493 or Debbie Richardson Brister, 1st Vice President, at (916) 370-7729 or Veria Johnson, BAPAC Treasurer at (916) 505-7466 or visit www.bapacsac.org/registration.

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