AirTalk® | Audio: Week in politics: What to watch for as James Comey’s book releases, the political fallout from Friday’s Syria airstrikes and more

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AirTalk’s weekly politics roundtable recaps the headlines you may have missed over the weekend and looks ahead to what to watch for this week in D.C.

Topics subject to change but may include:

  • “Comey Week” begins with an interview at ABC News, and Trump’s tweetstorm response

  • Syria strike on Friday night, and its impact on U.S.-Russia relationship; also, issues with Trump’s use of AUMF

  • Paul Ryan announces retirement and endorses Kevin McCarthy to replace him

  • Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen is in court today to try and keep prosecutors from seeing the documents seized in a raid last week

  • Internal report says McCabe misled FBI and DOJ officials

  • Is the U.S. back in TPP?

  • Garcetti goes to Iowa


Jack Pitney, professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College; he tweets @jpitney

John Iadarola, host of the YouTube show ThinkTank, part of The Young Turks Network; he also serves as a co-host for The Young Turks weekly live show; he tweets @johniadarola