Albanian political leaders show democratic maturity

19 May 2017 | 16:09 | FOCUS News Agency

Picture: AFPEWB: Mogherini, Hahn: Albanian political leaders show democratic maturity

EWB: Mogherini, Hahn: Albanian political leaders show democratic maturityPicture: AFP

Brussels. High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn released a statement on the agreement reached by political parties in Albania, European Western Balkan reports.
“We congratulate the political parties in Albania for the agreement reached, which will lead to the holding of elections on the 25 June 2017 with the participation of all parties. The political leaders have responded to their citizens’ expectations and showed democratic maturity,” the statement reads.
They said that this was a crucial first step.
“Now, this agreement must be swiftly implemented to prepare elections in line with international standards,” EU officials said.
They pointed out that as the vote of Parliament for the establishment of the vetting bodies is part of the agreement, they reiterate the importance of a solid and credible implementation of the vetting process, which is key for progress towards EU membership.
“We will continue supporting Albania and the legitimate aspirations of its people for a better future,” Mogherini and Hahn concluded.

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