Alderman Boyd continues political campaign against treasurer | Letters to the editor

Although Alderman Jeffrey Boyd headlines his commentary “It’s a matter of facts” and presents his arguments that the city should control “its own parking operations without interference by the state” as simply “good governance,” he conveniently omits several relevant facts.

First, he admits he is a party to a lawsuit against the Parking Commission, but neglects to say he is chair of the Board of Aldermen’s Streets, Traffic and Refuse committee, and as such would sit on the Parking Commission which he is suing, a direct conflict of interest.

Second, he neglects to mention that he was one of the seven candidates running for mayor and that Treasurer Tishaura Jones was a strong candidate who lost by only 888 votes in the primary. Boyd’s campaign against Jones has not diminished, leading to the conclusion that he perceives her as a political threat now and in the future.

Third, the law he criticizes was proposed by the former treasurer, not by the state, and gives control to members of city government, not the state.

Fourth, Jones’ office is completely transparent, printing all financial data on its website. Is Boyd contending that the money due to the city should not have been transferred to it by Jones? Or that it is an incorrect amount ? Hardly.

Finally, Jones did, at the beginning of her initial campaign in 2011, state that parking operations might not belong in the Treasurer’s Office. As she learned more, her campaign became one not to move it but instead to clean house and to bring integrity, efficiency and excellent management to the office. She has more than fulfilled those campaign promises.

Doreen Dodson  •  Kirkwood