Alleged dossier: political conspiracy or professional incompetence?

The DOJ-FBI and the alleged “Trump” Dossier: political conspiracy or professional incompetence?

To understand the situation, you need two “axioms” and a “history” of the alleged dossier.

First, P.T. Barnum built his career on the two axioms: “A fool and his money are soon parted!” and “There’s one (sucker) born every minute!”

Now concerning the alleged “dossier,” what we know:

A company known as Fusion GPS whose alleged “expertise” includes “political hit pieces” produced the document.

It was allegedly prepared by their employee, an alleged ex-British “spy” with alleged “sources” within the “Russian Intelligence” community. The alleged “spy” has since allegedly confessed to an anti-Trump bias.

It was initiated with Fusion GPS by a Republican “Never Trumper,” however, it quickly became too “rich” for his “blood” and he dropped out.

Then the “flush” Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton campaign took it over and provided the money, an alleged $9-$12 million, to “complete” it. (See P.T. Barnum axiom above on “money”.)

Obama’s FBI Director Comey was quoted on the alleged Dossier as saying words to the effect, “It’s salacious and unverified.” To those who have read the alleged dossier, it reads like a collection of checkout stand tabloid “news” articles.

So what did the DNC and Clinton’s campaign do with the alleged dossier, after they’d been “separated” from their $9-$12 million, and it was in their sweaty, little hands?

An alleged copy was “leaked” to “Breitbart,” which begin publishing excerts from it.

Senator John McCain allegedly “received” a copy from its author at Fusion GPS and promptly turned it over to the FBI.

It was alleged that the FBI paid $50K for a copy. Think: our hard earned American tax dollars spent on checkout stand tabloid “news”.

Obama’s DOJ-FBI then proceeded to use their copies of the alleged dossier to apply for warrant(s) from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which authorizes surveillance of individuals believed to be agents of a foreign power. In this case, warrant(s) were sought for Trump Presidential Campaign members.

This would not have been a problem except for one little “fact” that seemed to fall through the DOJ-FBI “crack”. They neglected to identify the true source of the alleged dossier to the court and therefore apparently received the warrant(s) under false pretenses.

The U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee released a memo stating that the DOJ-FBI failed to reveal the alleged dossier had been bought and paid for by the DNC/Clinton Campaign and had not been vetted/verified by the DOJ-FBI. (The DOJ-FBI also failed to reveal that a senior DOJ official had an informal “relationship” with the co-founder of Fusion GPS and the official’s wife worked for the company!) Think: A surveillance warrant, issued against NASA, based on a checkout stand tabloid story about Bill Clinton cavorting on the White House lawn with “Space Aliens!” (Such a story existed in one of the tabloids during Clinton’s time in office.)

We are now faced with two questions:

Did the Obama DOJ-FBI sinisterly “collude” with the DNC/Clinton campaign in using the alleged dossier to try to discredit and intimidate the Trump Presidential Campaign and its members?

Or: Was the top leadership within Obama’s DOJ-FBI such a bunch of incompetent stumblebums that they were taken in by that checkout stand tabloid, alleged dossier (See P.T. Barnum axiom above on “Suckers”.) and felt justified in seeking those surveillance warrant(s)?

President Lincoln once said words to the effect: When the motivation for an action appears to be either evil or stupidity, choose stupidity and you’ll be right 90% of the time.

In this case, we must all sincerely hope so!

Oh, one more thing: Senator John Warner. It was the House Intelligence Committee that released the memo, not yours in the Senate. Meaning you were not privy to any of the testimony/discussion that took place there. So please sit down and be quiet. You make yourself look foolish when you appear to not know your “House” from your “Senate” and you’ve embarrassed Virginia.

Bill McAninch