Amateur Photographer With Pro Gear Vs. Pro Photographers With Amateur Gear

We have certainly talked about this before, but it seems Gear Acquisition Syndrome is forever waiting in the wings to try to convince us that that new camera will help us make better images. This is a great reminder that skilled photographers with basic gear will do a better job than someone with a nice camera.

Coming to you from Mango Street, this video shows the team in their studio, during which they give a friend a Canon 5D Mark IV paired with the 35mm f/1.4L II lens, while they themselves go with the six-year-old entry level T3i paired with a kit lens. Granted, this is a controlled studio environment that is not taxing on either the sensors or the autofocus systems, but even so, it’s easy to see that while the images from the amateur with expensive gear are certainly not bad, those from the pros with cheap gear are plenty sharp, show stronger posing and composition, and generally have better model engagement with the camera. And while gear certainly makes a photographer’s job easier or enables more technically difficult shots in more taxing environments, storytelling and skills typically take precedence over the equipment.