Appeal for good political alliance


As counting continues for most provinces and districts in the country and declarations done for some. Political parties are already counting numbers of their elected candidates in preparation for the formation of a new Government.

When expressing views on the formation of a new Government in the new National Parliament, Catholic Professionals Society PNG president Paul Harricknen said all elected members must be allowed to exercise their freedom and conscience to decide for themselves how and who they want to join with in the formation of a new Government taking into consideration the best interests of their constituents and the country as a whole.

He said every elected member must make wise decisions as to which political party they want to be part of because the decision they make to join a political party will determine their leadership during their term in the new Government.

“On behalf of the Society, it is our appeal and hope that the candidates elected by the people especially those of smaller political parties and independent candidates are left alone to decide their political alliances based on the common interests of their people and the nation,” he said.

He said the practice of horse trading and camping by major political parties using coercion and member buying has to stop.