Are you changing your political allegiance for the first time? | Rachel Obordo | Opinion

Are you considering changing your political allegiance in the general election? We’d like to hear from people who are planning to vote for one of the main political parties – Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats – for the very first time.

It may be that you have voted Labour all your life, but have decided, in this election, that the Tories have more to offer. Or perhaps you’re a Conservative supporter who voted remain in the referendum and have been won over by the Lib Dem message on Brexit? Were you one of the people who flocked to join the Labour party when Jeremy Corbyn became leader, and are now looking forward to your first chance to vote for the party under his leadership at a national level?

Whatever your outlook, we’d like to hear about your reasoning. What has made you give up on the party you’ve always supported in favour of another one? Is it primarily about the policies being offered by the party you’re planning to vote for, or more because you’re disappointed with the party you used to support? And how much are you influenced by the personalities of the party leaders?

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