Arizona Senate hopeful Kelli Ward touted an endorsement from a fake news site

Kelli Ward, the Republican candidate running for Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat in Arizona, shared an article praising her on her campaign website and Facebook page, but as it turns out, the website she shared was the furthest thing from a legitimate news site.

The article in question came from a column published in the Arizona Monitor, a website that has more questions about it than it does answers, Politico reported. The site is entirely anonymous, and its domain registration is hidden. The site, though, is very pro-Ward. A mission statement at the top of its home page reportedly read, “Striking Fear into the Heart of the Establishment.”

Ward shared the link on Facebook and on her campaign website on Oct. 28, only a few weeks after the site had first launched. On its Facebook page, the Arizona Monitor is listed as a news site. The story Ward shared blasted her primary opponents, and the dubious site has frequently nicknamed one her opponents, Martha McSally, as “Shifty McSally,” a notable tactic used by President Donald Trump.

“They all, despite how much some of them profess their love and devotion to President Trump, didn’t have the stones to run against Jeff Flake and will have made the ‘brave’ decision to run for Senate only after Flake decided he wasn’t going to run . . . Kelli Ward is your woman,” the story read, according to Politico.

Ward said she didn’t know the site’s origins and that she had likely never read a story by the site prior to the one she had shared. “FYI – I have no idea who runs it and have no connection to it. I actually don’t know if I’ve ever read a story from there,” she told Politico.