Beware of the dark side in both politics and in life

The best time of day in Landers is the early morning hours in the cool of the day when the summertime flies are still asleep.

It has become my retirement ritual to smoke a morning cigar and follow our national happenings on Fox and Friends.

This ritual has inspired me to write opinions about the national political debate on the opinion page of our local newspaper.

None of my opinions are really welcomed by the paper but to their credit, most are printed.

You see, I was before the election and am to this very day an avid Trump supporter who is, in my opinion, the greatest American hero of my lifetime.

His election by the people has given me great joy and a renewed hope that my country will return to being the land of the truly free.

Former President Obama has taken up residence in the Dark House of Washington to direct radical left politics.

I am sure our paper will call this term racist but it is really about morality, about honesty, about truth and fairness.

The term, Dark House, reflects the divide between good and evil, between the oppression of government and the interests of the people, it is the divide between Darth Vader and Han Solo in the Star Wars saga.

The dark side navigates the national interest by protecting those who are complicit with the dark agenda and punishing those who stand with the people of America.

This dark side small ball reduces the political discourse to hate mongering when the function of our government should be to protect and facilitate people opportunities.

The dark side ignores our laws, deceives and condones violence against Americans as necessary to further the dark agenda.

Our political system, our justice system, even the medical community are only tools to punish all who may dissent.

Our court system is about making political statements not the law of our land.

The Internal Revenue Service is about making political statements not administering the collection of taxes in a just manner.

Our intelligence services are about making political statements not protecting the security of the people.

Our foreign services before Trump have been about making political statements here at home and not making our world safer.

The dark side has only one creditable issue that must be addressed by our current Republican politicians.

Politicians of the left rightly disparage the wealth gap in America but wrongly champion the redistribution of wealth as the solution.

The so-called Affordable Care Act is not really about the health of the people but about further depleting the wealth of the middle class.

Redistribution from on high is a perversion of our world order as our world has always existed.

Our world is a competitive place.

In biological terms, our world moves according to the survival of the fittest.

In economic terms, our world moves according to the effort personally expended to build a future for you and yours.

Effort does not always bring the results we crave but effort always results in a more fulfilled life.

America has always been about hard work and the pride it brings to the individual.

 Instead of the middle class carrying the burden of healthcare for the poor and those with pre-existing conditions, let’s be fair, our hard-working politicians should tax stock market transactions.

A $1 health care tax per transaction would bring $30 billion a month to the crisis.

This seems only fair but the swamp will resist.

Politicians of both parties, including Barack Obama, are in debt to the special interests of the few.