Bonds set for five key players in ongoing State House corruption probe

Five men are indicted in an ongoing corruption probe at the State House. Prosecutors have charged them for using their political power to commit acts leading to criminal conspiracy.

“Criminal conspiracy indictment covers everything,” says Solicitor David Pascoe.

He says the five defendants received more than one million dollars from Richard Quinn & Associates political consulting firm. That money was funneled from clients’ campaigns.

Allegations led to a $10,000 personal recognizance bond set for Rick Quinn Jr., John Courson, Tracey Edge, and James Harrison. Richard Quinn Sr.’s bond was set at $15,000.

Pascoe says the patriarch of the political consulting firm spearheaded the conspiracy and “got a lot of people into this mess”.

Regardless, Quinn Sr.’s attorney continues to stand for his innocence as well as his son. Rick Quinn claims his conduct was honorable and suggests the claims against him are politically motivated.

“Republican, democrat majority leaders, both the house and the senate, conducted themselves in exactly the same manner I did so I find it interesting they’re not asking democrats the same questions,” says Quinn Jr.

All the defendants remain free on bond until a trial date is set.