book of limericks: Micro review: ‘The Book of Limericks’ is a quirky take on India’s socio-political issues of 2017

Bibek Debroy’s
The Book of Limericks is a quirky and unusually lyrical take on India’s socio-political issues of 2017. Written by one of the foremost economists of the country,
The Book of Limericks is a humorous read, with amusing illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee.

From time to time, Debroy deviates from his usual precise and straightforward diction and indulges in the limerick format of poetry writing, with the sheer aim to spread some happiness while also informing his fellow countrymen.
The Book of Limericks is basically a collection of his five-liners that acts as a comic commentary on the socio-political scenario of 2017. While the book seeks to inform the readers of the major topics with some brilliant poetic pieces, the typical limerick rhyme scheme along with Mukherjee’s illustrations aims to be a comic relief at a time of grave crises.

Mukherjee’s art is superb and adds much-needed dimension to the meticulously measured lines. Debroy, the no-nonsense scholar’s verse gives a refreshing perspective to issues that interest the nation as a whole. There is no hint of attack, rather plain old satire, all in good humour, which is pretty much evident throughout the book. For those interested in politics and those who try to stay in the periphery of current events,
The Book of Limericks is sure to add a different shade to their mundane source of social debates.

How critics view the book:

The Week writes in a review, “The book is a witty read. Don’t give it a miss.”

Asian Age writes, “For many, what Bibek does is underlining complex chunks of information and making it readable, and if we might say, unforgettable.”

Deccan Herald writes, “These hilarious five-liners, on topics ranging from economic issues to citizen concerns, will take you on a roller-coaster ride through the year 2017.”