Both sides of Measure H: In 250 words

By Matt Evans

Yes on H Committee Chairman

Measure H restores balanced growth while providing new homes for young families in an affordable neighborhood.  

Here’s why Chino residents should vote yes on Measure H.

Too much of our city’s growth is concentrated in South Chino, resulting in overcrowded local schools and streets. 

Measure H will help to balance Chino’s growth by bringing new homes to the economically struggling North End of town.

Many Chino families cannot afford the cost of housing in College Park or the Preserve, so they must leave our city to buy a home.  

By providing quality starter homes in an affordable part of town, Measure H will help young Chino residents to stay and raise their families here.  

Measure H also requires the homebuilder to pay for improvements that benefit all Chino residents, including:

New turn lanes and traffic improvements to reduce congestion; a new flood prevention system to protect homeowners; and two new public parks in an under-served part of our community.

The land being rezoned by Measure H is located next to the Promenade Shopping Center and Cinemark Theater.  

All new homes will be detached single family.  There are NO multi-family, high rises or three-story homes in this new neighborhood.

Measure H is consistent with Chino’s General Plan because it locates homes within close walking proximity to shops and restaurants.  

This will generate more customers for struggling local businesses and keep our shopping dollars here in Chino.

Measure H is family friendly and good for our entire community.  



By Larry Walker

No on H Committee Treasurer

 Can you imagine living in a city where a corporate developer can build whatever it wants to, anywhere in the city?  

That’s what Measure H means to Chino.

Measure H is simple – it will increase the maximum number of homes in a small area from thirty to 180. 

That’s 600 percent of the current general plan allocation, or an increase of 500 percent!

Opponents of Measure H believe the General Plan and Zoning Map should mean something. 

 A potential developer, or a potential resident, should be able to rely on the information in those documents when investing in Chino real estate.  

That is the way to uphold the property values of all landowners – developer and homeowner alike.  

Measure H would give the developer superior property rights to adjacent landowners, based in its ability to fund a political campaign with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Property rights should not be just for the wealthy.

Ask yourself why the developer is talking about benefits that may or may not occur, but won’t be decided until after the election. 

Is it because their actual agenda would be unpopular with Chino residents?

The facts are clear, and available at City Hall. 

Measure H does not guarantee any parks.  

It does not guarantee less traffic, less flooding, or less children impacting schools. 

It just guarantees that SIX TIMES AS MANY homes will be built in this Chino neighborhood than the General Plan now permits.  

Could your neighborhood be next?

Please vote NO on Measure H.