Brazil’s Temer wins a breather in corruption crisis | News , World

Brazil’s President Michel Temer appeared to win a reprieve Sunday when a key coalition partner cancelled a meeting on whether to withdraw support for him over an explosive corruption scandal.

Temer has been fighting for his political life since being placed under investigation for allegedly obstructing a corruption probe by paying hush money to jailed former speaker of the house Eduardo Cunha.

Temer is fighting back, saying that a secret audio recording incriminating him had been tampered with.

Temer — who took over only a year ago after the impeachment of leftist president Dilma Rousseff — is subject to mounting pressure.

If Temer were impeached or decided to step down, Congress would pick a replacement to rule until after scheduled 2018 elections.

Temer’s crisis is connected to the gigantic corruption investigation know as “Car Wash” that has upended Brazilian politics.