Brizilian FM warns corruption probe of president potentially disastrous – Xinhua

BRASILIA, July 6 (Xinhua) — Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes warned on Thursday that pursuing President Michel Temer’s corruption probe could have “tragic consequences” for the country.

Nunes said in a video released on Thursday that the charges filed by Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot are “totally without substance,” and called on the ruling coalition party to “meditate” carefully before deciding the president’s fate.

Brazil’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, is currently analyzing the charges against Temer.

For Temer to face trial, at least two-thirds of the lower house, or 342 of 513 deputies, must vote in favor.

Nunes said the economy was showing signs of recovery, and suggested only the political opposition stood to gain from going after corrupt government officials.

Last month, Rodrigo Janot filed the charges, accusing Temer of having been bribed by executives from meatpacking group JBS in exchange for favorable decisions by the government.