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BOND REPORT: 2-year Treasury Yield Hovers Near 9-year High As Wall Street Braces For Higher Rates

U.S. Treasurys stabilized on Tuesday, with short-dated yields holding near a nine-year high, suggesting that the outlook for a rate increase in coming weeks from the Federal Reserve has firmed for investors. Traders also listened to comments from prominent central bankers, including Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, Bank of Japan […]

How the tax bills would affect homeowners

As lawmakers work out the details of their tax plans, homeowners could be saying goodbye to some long-standing deductions. Republicans in the House and Senate have unveiled their plans to reform the tax code and they’re looking to chop some tax benefits of buying and selling a home. ‘; var storytext = document.getElementById(‘storytext’); var heightToSkip […]

Venezuelan Debt Now Has the Vultures Circling

Investors taking the long view still believe that the government will find a way to keep paying what it owes. Their calculation, Mr. Buchheit said, is simple: whether the price of the bonds is below what might be recovered through a debt-restructuring agreement or as part of legal enforcement if Venezuela refuses to negotiate. With […]

Top 1% now hold over half the world’s wealth

The global wealth imbalance is growing, a shocking new report reveals. The top 1 percent have amassed more than half of the world’s wealth and control 50.1 percent of the planet’s $280 trillion in assets as of mid-2017, the report found. That’s up from the 45.5 percent of the world’s wealth in the hands of […]

Buffett sticks with big airline bet, even as value drops

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway stood by U.S. airlines in the third quarter, even as carriers were hit by three massive hurricanes, a spike in fuel prices and heavy selling of airline shares by other investors. But the value of Berkshire’s stakes in Delta, American, United and Southwest fell $1.13 billion in the quarter, according to […]