BUZZ, June 19: Why so few dramas at movies? – Opinion – Wilmington Star News

Where did all the good movies go? This senior wants to occasionally escape our crazy world, get enveloped in the darkness of a theater and get lost in a good drama. Each time I check the listings, the movies are about Aliens, Boss Babies and Captain Underpants — not my choice. — Nancy Carpitella, Wilmington

EPA useless! I can’t legally throw out a can of paint. Chemours and DuPont dump tons of contaminates into Cape Fear River and no consequences? — Tom Griffin Hampstead

Global warming — China cares. Put $361 billion to generate green energy, creating 3 million jobs, 13 million in five years. — Sandy Fascher, Wilmington

Love your Wednesday edition. Life/Food section is great. I save the recipes. Great variety. — Jerry Matta, Wilmington

We — all of us — have got to stop the divisiveness between political parties! There used to be a place called common interests to both parties. Let’s get back to that America. — Fred Allen, Leland

Can you believe the top-class entertainment acts coming to Wilmington? Buy your tickets folks! — Rick Sommer, Wilmington

HELP! I’m lazy and I can’t get up! — JW Burriss, Wilmington.

GenX — putting the “Fear” in the Cape Fear! — David Bennett, Wilmington

Buzzard needs to take Economics 102. Higher minimum wage doesn’t cause unemployment in case after case. And especially when we have very low unemployment, which shows the scarcity of workers. — Rich Cooper, Leland

Seems your staff writer John Staton considers Jesus Christ “as the myth many of us grew up with.” As a Christian, I am highly offended. But I should have expected as much from your liberal newspaper. — Joanie Cross, Southport

Not all one’s close friends have the same political beliefs. How do we treat them? Why not do that with everybody? — Stephen Zerio, Leland

Airport Courtesy cars were donated, allowing pilots to conduct business/buy meals without renting a car for only two hours. Oak Island has more visitors; airport sells more fuel. Requested airport funds offset operating costs. — Marty Heller, Southport