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Amid probe into his campaign’s links to Russia, Trump accuses Clinton of ‘collusion’ against Sanders

President Trump, in a return to campaign-style rhetoric, on Sunday accused Hillary Clinton of engaging in “collusion” in order to win last year’s Democratic presidential nomination. The presidential statement, issued on Twitter, did not refer directly to a broad-ranging investigation by a special counsel as to whether his own campaign had colluded in the Russian election […]

Retail Displacement Remakes Job Force, Looms as Political Issue

Amazon has gotten ambitious, and brick and mortar retailers have gotten nervous. The online retailer’s purchase of Whole Foods and its announced Prime Wardrobe shipping service caused noticeable dips in the stock prices of many grocery and department stores. But what could be a new world of online convenience for consumers looks much more troubling […]

Ignoring Alex Jones may just make him stronger

One of the most common criticisms when Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones aired on Sunday was that, by giving him the time of day, she was somehow legitimizing him and making him stronger. It’s time for liberals and moderates to accept an uncomfortable truth: Ignoring the radical right is what makes it stronger, not […]

Supreme Court Last Day: Waiting for Trump Travel Ban Ruling

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court heads into Monday, its last day of the current term, with two important questions so far unanswered: What’s to become of President Donald Trump’s travel ban and will 80-year-old Justice Anthony Kennedy retire? The court will also announce the remaining decisions of the term, including the fate of laws […]

GOP political consulant Rick Rosenberg dies at age 32

Rick Rosenberg (Linked in) LAKEHURST — Political consultant Rick Rosenberg, the campaign manager for Republican Jack Cittarelli’s recent run for governor, was found dead in his home on Saturday. The news site More Monmouth Musings reported the 32-year-old was found unresponsive in his bathroom of his Lakehurst home  around 9:30 a.m. A police source told […]

Fresno PD dozens of officers short of what politicians promised

A major feature of Mayor Lee Brand’s election campaign last year was a pledge to boost the number of police officers combating crime in the city of Fresno. In fact, such “more officers/tough on crime/better public safety” promises have been a staple of nearly every political campaign in Fresno in recent years. But difficulty recruiting […]