Cape Coral candidates meet residents

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Several candidates for Cape Coral Mayor and City Council met with residents, Saturday, at Dixie Roadhouse. 

The purpose of the meet-and-greet was for residents to get to know candidates better, in a casual setting. Concerned resident, Sheila Sweeney, shared some of the issues she wanted to hear about. “I’m going to question a few more on things that are near and dear to me; our roads, big business, small business, growth, the water problem in the Cape,” she said.

Sweeney said she’s dissatisfied with the current mayor, Marni Sawicki, especially after she stormed out of a council meeting a few weeks ago. “I want to see somebody step up to the plate, that’s going to run the city better than what she had, that has a better temperament, that won’t let their personal life get involved with their political life,” said Sweeney.

Organizer of the event, James Sanner, told Fox 4 he wants to do-away with the drama in Cape Coral politics and start new. “We’ve had a lot of turmoil within the last two years with the drama in Cape Coral and this could be a major turning point for the city.”

Respect and integrity are two qualities Sanner is looking for in a candidate. He hopes the meet-and-greet will encourage people to get to know those running and vote. “Our voting turnout rate is absolutely ridiculous in the Cape and I’d really like to see those numbers come out higher.”

Meanwhile, first time voter, Branden Pearson, is looking for someone who will help the city grow. “I’m about to go off to college so I want someone that is going to instill smart, sustainable growth, and make it possible for me to come back here in four years and be able to pursue a career.”