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* editorial

The biggest key to breaking through the political fog shrouding the capital city is for our leaders to declare a moratorium on politics, then stick to it, no matter the temptation to score political points.

* But the Tribune editorial board thinks it’s all much ado about nothing

Yes, Rauner’s television ads aimed at Madigan and Democrats are “campaigning.” And yes, it’s early.

But lots of pols are campaigning. Let’s not clutch our pearls, aghast.

Rauner’s Democratic opponents for the 2018 gubernatorial campaign so far are on the air, on the Web and at news conference podiums bashing Rauner. State Sen. Daniel Biss, D-Evanston, spent Tuesday at a campaign event touting his proposals for property tax reform. Then he put out a news release Tuesday night criticizing Rauner for campaigning too much.

During the last six months, including when lawmakers should have been in Springfield working on a budget, Madigan raised at least $122,314 for his campaign fund. During the first three months of the year, that fund spent more than $330,000 on office rent, cellphones, workers and meals. Madigan is … campaigning.

Senate President John Cullerton has raised at least $104,500, and hosted and attended several fundraisers. Between January and March 31, he spent at least $150,000 on campaign activity, according to his financial disclosure reports.

Not one mention of Rauner’s $70 million in contributions raised since December, or the bigtime money he’s given to the ILGOP and the House GOP.

People should sheath their swords and do their jobs. We shouldn’t be encouraging this nonsense.