Charge: Woman attacked man for being a ‘Nazi’

The counter-protester attended an ‘anti-Sharia’ event in downtown Seattle

Published 5:24 pm, Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Prosecutors charged a 37-year-old woman with assault this week, accusing her of attacking a man after a political rally in downtown Seattle and calling him a “Nazi.”

Charging documents don’t specify what event brought Elizabeth McDonald and the alleged victim to downtown Seattle, but it occurred the same day as dueling rallies: a “March Against Sharia” and a counter-protest.

A man was walking with a friend after leaving the rallies about 12:30 p.m. when a counter-protester across the street near Second Avenue and James Street called out to him, calling him a “Nazi” and challenging him to fight her, according to the incident report.

The man looked in her direction and she allegedly repeated her taunts. He told her he wouldn’t fight a woman and started to walk away, but the woman reportedly followed him and his friend and continued to call them names. The man then started to record her behavior on his cell phone, provoking the woman to rush him and knock the phone out of his hands, according to court records.

The woman then beat him with her fists and brandished a knife as she continued her assault, police say. The man held up his arms to shield his face and body from the knife, causing cuts to his arms, shoulder, neck and hands. He eventually escaped her blows and ran away, at which point she allegedly chased after him and yelled, “Run, you f**king Nazi!”

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The woman caught up to him again and shoved the man to the ground, then kicked him in the head, incident reports say. The man eventually managed to grab her and take her to the ground, at which point they tussled until witnesses arrived to separate them. The woman walked off with two other people, according to reports.

The alleged victim told authorities he didn’t know his attacker but recognized her from the rally. He said he felt targeted because of his political views but tried to avoid confrontation.

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Days later, he turned over footage from his cell phone that captured images of the assailant. He also sent the video to a local TV station.

Both a Seattle detective and a viewer who saw the images on TV identified the attacker as Elizabeth McDonald.

Prosecutors charged her Monday with second-degree assault.