Coalition anchored on shaky ground



Zivanai Dhewa Correspondent
Opposition political parties have failed in their attempt to form a “formidable” force against Zanu-pf.

They have shown that they are clueless when it comes to issues of national interest and promotion of the hopes and aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe. In a desperate attempt to gang up against zanu-pf in the forthcoming 2018 elections, the opposition seems to have tangled itself in a dilemma of sorts.

On one hand, the proposed “grand coalition” seems to be suffering rejection from grassroots supporters even before inception.

On the other hand, the protagonists from the many opposition parties are battling for anointment to lead the proposed coalition, casting doubts on the significance of the signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) between opposition parties.

Meanwhile, zanu-pf is busy implementing its Zim-Asset blueprint by empowering people to be self-sustaining and working to accomplish the country’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2020.

A struggle for leadership has ensued within the opposition political parties as to who is the rightful candidate to lead the proposed coalition. Each party is fighting to put forward its leader’s overrated credentials to present them as the most suitable candidate for the top job in the envisaged  coalition.

Joice Mujuru

Joice Mujuru

This has seen the National People’s Party (NPP) deputy president, Samuel Siphepha Nkomo flaunting his leader, Joice Mujuru war credentials and her acquisition of a Doctorate degree. Nkomo passionately raised gender parity issues, claiming that it was high time the country tried a woman leader.

The discourse is so loud within the different opposition parties with many arguing that MDC T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has failed to deliver in the last four elections. The narrative being that he has failed to show charisma due to little education and has failed his party due to his need for massive hand-holding.

His educational deficiency seems to be his major drawback as some politicians within the opposition parties attribute it to his failure to make solid decisions that could move his party to victory. Meanwhile, Nelson Chamisa has claimed that Mujuru has no constituency to talk about and that she is not a tried and tested leader like Tsvangirai.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

So busy are the opposition political parties in trying to garner positions of power in the coalition such that they have ignored the country, the people and their responsibilities. zanu-pf on the other hand, has remained steadfast and focused in delivering its promises to the people as stated in the Zim-Asset blueprint.

The promise of food security and nutrition is being ensured through the Command Agriculture that the zanu-pf Government has implemented and monitored to its successful conclusion. The Command Agriculture initiative has been implemented even on the small grains and soon it will be Command Agriculture on livestock, possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile, as the bickering and disorder is raging in the opposition political parties, none of them is willing to take responsibility of the wellbeing of the people of Zimbabwe and the infrastructure that serves them.

The zanu-pf Government has taken upon itself to ensure that the cluster of Social Services and Poverty eradication is addressed through promoting programmes such as re-equipping hospitals, enhancing them to provide services that Zimbabweans normally get from India and South Africa at exorbitant prices.

Currently, Harare Central Hospital is hailed as the best operating hospital for Siamese twins separation.

Parirenyatwa is now able to perform open heart surgeries at affordable prices and to date; it has performed over 400 open heart surgeries. Chitungwiza hospital has also become the best as a specialised renal hospital.

MDC T has since thrown its economic blueprint, JUICE to the dust bin as it continues to chase other money-making schemes, mostly through duping western benefactors. On the other hand, zanu-pf has managed to advance projects by way of home grown means.

The Tokwe Mukosi Dam is one of the largest man-made inland dams, which the zanu-pf Government has managed to build for people to benefit through irrigation schemes and fisheries among other benefits.

While zanu-pf, the only people centred party, is working to ensure that Zimbabweans are self-sustaining and adding value to their products and benefiting from the Buy-Zimbabwe products, Joice Mujuru is busy and desperately seeking to up her political CV through paying unannounced visits to the country’s chiefs.

She was spotted trying desperately to visit chiefs in their chiefdoms, just for grandstanding purposes.

The selfish behaviour as displayed by the leaders of the opposition political parties has in itself annihilated people’s interest in their day to day agenda and reasons for forming the coalition in the first place.

At the current rate of their politics, the opposition political parties and their proposed coalition of zeros should not be surprised by the apparent watershed win by zanu-pf in the 2018 Harmonised Elections.