COLUMN: Worldview important consideration in politics | Opinion

Why does a political conversation sometimes feel like you are talking to someone from another species or from another planet even?

Because, when you are talking to someone of a different political ideology, you are talking to someone with a different worldview than you, but you wouldn’t know that just by their political statements. This is because political affiliation is only the tip of the philosophical iceberg, and we hardly ever talk about the 90 percent that’s underwater.

The reason worldview and philosophy are  what strengthens political ideas is because we are all presented with the same or very similar facts. It’s how we react to those facts that changes our political positions. The thing that shapes how we react to those facts is our individual worldview.

The worldview of the right is one of individual responsibility, God-given rights, hard work and self-preservation. These things shape how conservatives view policy by shaping the lens through which they see facts.

They will be hard on the rule of law, because they feel people are responsible for their actions and should face the consequences of those actions. They will reject any form of moral relativism due to their belief in God-given rights, or at the very least, objective standards of morality.

The extremes of this worldview when taken too far can result in a harsh condemnation of people for their actions without taking into consideration the circumstances they were in. Sometimes this is OK, but it depends on the situation at hand.

The worldview of the left is one that seeks social justice, equity, understanding, emotional support and moral relativism. The first thing I want to explain here is the moral relativism. When I say moral relativism, I mean they believe you should not push your moral values on others and shouldn’t judge others according to your beliefs.

The left believes in social justice and equity, which essentially means equality of outcome. The reason I believe this to be the case is due to their use of statistics, such as the wage gap, as problems. To be clear, I don’t believe women should be paid less than men. When in the exact same situations as men, they aren’t payed less.

Another reason I believe this to be the case is the left’s constant use of pictures of business meetings that have more men in them than women to suggest that there is something wrong. Again, I must clarify that I believe this to be the case due to life choices. We should hire those qualified, not those that fit a certain description so we look diverse.

The left looks at the circumstance a lot more than the individual. This can be useful for giving support to those that need it when they make mistakes. Like the right going to far with individual responsibility, the left can go too far when being understanding.

In it’s extremes, the left can completely ignore a person’s responsibility for their actions and make excuses for bad behavior.

Looking at these two side by side, you can see why we truly need both. If we only had the right, the world would be a harsh and cold place where there is no forgiveness for mistakes. Without the left balancing out people’s worldviews, the right would swing hard right.

Similarly, if we only had the left, the world would become full of inexcusable behavior due to a lack of holding people accountable. I don’t believe either side is correct all the time. I believe both have a piece of the truth, and if there were only one, part of that truth would be lost.