Combating fake news with the truth | Features

President Donald Trump has nicknamed the mainstream media “Fake News”. This phrase has become popular as many journalists, politicians, and others use it often. A Harvard study from the University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy has supported his claim. It has revealed that many of the news outlets have been biased and favored certain political views over others. Some forms of media can be so misleading that it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Deception is not just limited to the media, but can be found all around us. It is important to search for the truth and not to believe everything we hear.

Fake news was even prevalent back in the Bible days. It is recorded in Isaiah 53:1: “Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed? The prophets of old contended for the faith, rebuked false doctrines, and combated the lies that circulated the public venues. Many criticized Jesus and spread false tales about him. They claimed he did miracles with the power of demons. In efforts to discredit him, they accused him of breaking the law and blaspheming God. Some even tried to spread the tale that the disciples stole his body on resurrection day in spite of the powerful Roman Military presence. This was all false news and Isaiah called us to believe the report of the Lord.

We must be on guard against the deception in the world. Satan will work diligently, planting seeds of doubt and despair to hinder our spiritual progress. He will sow discord in relationships to divide Churches and families. Also, he speaks negativity over others so they will lose their worth and will to live. The devil can use thoughts, people, and even venues like the media to do his bidding. The Bible records that he is the deceiver of the brethren and is like a cunning serpent. God warns us to be vigilant against this enemy and to be armed in the truth.

As various voices flood our minds, we must believe the report of the Lord. His voice speaks that we are loved and created in God’s image with divine destiny. He declares that we are saved and made new by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are healed by his stripes and made whole by his blood. God proclaims that his plans are to prosper us and give and expected end. His promises are all yes and amen for his children. Let us reject the fake news from Satan and the deception in the world. Instead, we must look to the Bible as the measuring stick of truth and believe the report of the Lord.

Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at [email protected].