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I really have arrived at a place in life where I despise politics. I don’t like the way people have allowed it to divided them, to create such anger and hatred and wrong thinking about each other just because one person sees a solution coming in a different way. And I can’t stand the corruption that has now taken over DC.

Lately I’ve had a few friends ask me questions about where I stand on certain issues. I don’t talk much with people about political issues anymore because no one listens. They’re all ready to just bite your head off or label you or call you a name, which when you think about it sounds like middle school? Can we all grow up? Really?

So I decided to blog on just a few of my thoughts at this phase of life. Over the course of my adult life I’ve held different positions on politicized topics. I believe that as we grow and experience more of life we learn and are able to assess things from a different perspective. It’s another reason I don’t believe in young adults running for office. Not enough life under their belt yet.

So here goes….. on the topic of abortion this is my position: Be a responsible parent and Teach your children how to be sure they never end up having to make that decision. Yes, accidents do occasionally happen. (Not at the rate of unwanted pregnancies we have in our country) So you cross that bridge if you ever have to come to it. I know too many people who have kept children they had from an unplanned pregnancy and then realized it was the best blessing they were ever given. We’re quite selfish and don’t often recognize that what appears as a difficult obstacle may just be the best thing to happen to us; a great opportunity of sorts! That’s my position on abortion.

And here would be my position on Planned Parenthood. I grew up not far form where the very first planned parenthood was built. As a teen I visited there with a friend once…more out of curiosity than anything else. It gave me a very uneasy feeling from the start. Over the years I learned a lot about the inner workings of the organization…much from people around me who had experienced it. I’ll hold that for later.

Planned Parenthood is not a government organization; It’s a business. I understand that government subsidizes non-profit organizations, however, I also believe many non-profits take advantage of this and actually DO profit. And no one is minding the store so it’s easy to get away with. This can also make it more difficult for a fantastic non-profit with a wonderful mission to get funding.

Businesses ought to have to show that they cannot operate their non-profit without the government subsidy. Many of them could fundraise, advertise (which takes effort)and get loads of community and corporate support…but they’d rather just rely on the government. After all, it’s much easier and they don’t have to work very hard. Then they complain when government has to change anything about the funding..but they’ve put themselves at the mercy of government.

Healthcare….. it was never meant to be a government run entity. They need to get out of it. If they want to open government clinics and provide doctors and nurse practitioners to those clinics for those who need care, they can do that. I’m not sure that would be a great solution though. It would be less costly for the government to just pay base care for those who go in for care and don’t have coverage who legitimately can’t afford it. Those who can afford healthcare but choose not to carry it have made that choice. I was without healthcare for many years and I knew that if something happened, something happened. Never once did I expect anyone to give me anything. Even when I did go in for a procedure, I paid it off myself over time.

Our country was built on hard work, sweat, and vision. I don’t think anyone can disagree with that. We’ve made a mess bringing things into politics that never belonged there. I would personally place all of the above in that category. Because people whined, politicians used them for selfish gain. It’s quite despicable honestly. All they really wanted was their vote so they could be in a position of power. How often do ANY campaign promises come to fruition?

My grandmother grew up in an age where neighbor helped neighbor. Organizations helped in bigger situations. People helped others. Sometimes there were very tough situations and people suffered. Sadly, this is part of a fallen world we live in. Some people you may try to help really don’t want it and will fall right back to where they were. We-can’t-help- everyone.

We all have our thoughts and opinions on why we support one theory or another. But I don’t often think many of us stop to look at what has been done to our tax system over the past 100 years. Anyone who pays taxes gives away a large chunk of their hard earned money to an entity that is not accountable for how they spend it…and we have no input…except in the voting booth. Many don’t even feel they have much input there. That problem isn’t partial to party.

I don’t know where it’s all going, but I do know we serve a mighty God who does. Therefore I do not worry. My trust is in the Lord. For our younger generations, I encourage you all to search how God would have you walk out your life. Stop whining and complaining. Work hard, chase your personal dream, don’t take up other people’s cause…it’s draining and too time consuming. God already has all of this.

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