Cong says NPF internal fight destroyed people’s hopes

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 28 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today stated that the NPF’s “internal fight over the CM’s post has destroyed the hope and expectations of the people and more so destroyed the future of NPF society.”


“They may forgive each other for power, position and money but they cannot forget their acts of betrayal against each other. Trust deficit will continue to live in the minds of every member,” said the NPCC President, K Therie in a press note today.


Recalling that “Neiphiu Rio was given mandate to rule Nagaland State,” the NPCC said: “It was of his own volition that he resigned. It is unfair for him to come back and hunt for the CM’s post. There are no differences in matters of politics or economics, in the fight. The world sees them as a total failure to control the personal instinct of ‘I want more’.”


The NPCC further termed it funny to see “confused MLAs running up and down and crossing each other in the middle of the road and also, some landing in the wrong house.” It meanwhile expressed concern at the way that the former and present Chief Ministers along with their cabinet and MLAs “facilitate Hindutva and practice corruption and cowardliness in handling Naga Political Affairs.”


“Nagaland people have travelled a long way. People have faced bullets without fear,” the Congress said. Speaking from personal experiences, the NPCC President added: “I saw for myself, my Village and neighbouring villages being burnt down to ashes; our rice stores burnt, men folk persecuted and tortured to death and our women shamed. I was a young boy when the Indian forces came to burn my village. I went into hiding in the jungles for years and lived on leaves and roots but we neither complained nor begged.”


The Congress further said that the NPF “know all about the anti-Christian activities of BJP and RSS – Churches were razed to the ground, foreign contributions for missionary Hospitals, Schools, colleges, charity works and scholarships to theological students stopped.” “They surely have seen that Christmas celebration was disturbed. Yet they want to have alliance with BJP and facilitate them for they worship corrupt money, power and position,” it added.


Politics of Governance, it viewed, is based on ideologies, philosophies and principles for the welfare of people. However, the NPCC lamented that in Nagaland “we have come across many aspiring politicians who do not understand them.” “Their dream of politics of governance is power, position and money.” It added that “intending candidates who do not believe in clean election and who do not fear God, are defecting from one door to another door expecting corrupt money for election funding.”