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Media Ignore Leading Democrat’s Salacious Corruption Trial

Sen. Bob Menendez’s (D-N.J.) ongoing public corruption and bribery trial commenced two weeks ago today, and yet the mainstream media has barely bothered to afford the Democratic scandal any substantial amount of coverage. Menendez is the first sitting senator in 36 years to undergo a federal corruption trial. The New Jersey Democrat was indicted in […]

Menendez trial creating turmoil for Democrats

NEWARK - The trial of Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez has entered its third week, and some political experts say that it is causing some turmoil for some of New Jersey’s Democrats as the state’s gubernatorial election draws near. A steady stream of supporters and protesters have been showing up outside Newark federal court as […]

In Hungary, big trouble over little train – POLITICO

BUDAPEST — A routine trip by European lawmakers to Hungary to make sure EU cash is being spent properly has become the latest source of tension between Budapest and Brussels. Members of the European Parliament’s Budgetary Control Committee, which is charged with ensuring proper use of EU taxpayers’ money, are in Hungary this week to […]

under a cloud of crisis

Everything in Brazil can seem bigger than elsewhere — and the same goes for its crises. Indeed, the present mood is so glum that, according to Boris Fausto, a renowned historian, the current crisis is “the largest and most dramatic in Brazil’s history”. The country has barely emerged from its worst-ever recession: some 14m Brazilians […]

The politics of electioneering in NA-120

If the fight in NA-120 has taught us anything, it is that election tactics do not change. A retired state employee recently stated that his institution was trying to bring a certain crowd of people from the realm of violence into mainstream politics. While the new kid on the block did not win, this endorsement […]

Victoria gets serious on its political donations rules – now it’s the federal government’s turn

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a suite of reforms to the state’s political donations system. It includes: a cap on donations by individuals, unions and corporations of A$4,000 over a four-year parliamentary term; public disclosure of donations above $1,000; a ban on foreign donations; and real-time disclosure of donations. Harsh penalties will be imposed […]

Monuments to environmental waste in Brazil

Brazil’s economic troubles continue to defy easy explanation. Years of good news have been eclipsed by a soaring public deficit, production inefficiencies, and misappropriation of public funds and political corruption on an industrial scale. The degraded state of the national infrastructure and the low quality of infrastructural services translate into dismal levels of economic competitiveness […]

Beyond corruption, policy counts | Fin24

CORPORATE governance and private sector brand reputation have taken a severe beating in South Africa these last weeks. The Gupta Leaks and the alleged collusion from the likes of KPMG and McKinsey serve as a warning shot to any private entity keen to do business with a state battling its own internal demons through a […]