Dan u San and some other chit-chat

These are some reflections linked to the election campaign we are currently immersed in.

Mass Meetings.  Before every election we predict that Mass Meetings will not appeal to the crowds anymore, but here we are with thousands declaring their loyalty by turning up at each Mass Meeting addressed by their respective leader wearing full-gear and clapping at every chance they get.   It seems that the populace still thinks highly of political parties.

Political Class.  The candidature that we are offering to our voters doesn’t seem to be on the agenda during this campaign trail.  With a democratic system that is so fundamental to what type of contestant we choose to represent us it is worrying that we have managed to warp even this component in our electoral campaign. 

Unity.  Both leaders spoke about unity and national pride during last Sunday’s respective mass meetings.  I got confused because in the next sentence it was all about ‘them and us’.

Young people.  I am so unhappy that once again we are comfortable using young people as cheer-leaders and to fill in the chairs behind the Mexxej and the Kap as they go about telling us how to live our lives and as they petition for our votes.  If we really want this country to go forward, young people should be at the forefront and not at the background of politics, they should be the ones leading the debate and the ones asking the questions – we are nowhere close.

Ethics.  When does ethics come into play in our political debate?  How can we create a decent and decorous way of discussing the issues? 

Hampers.  The way we reduce our political discourse is defined by the ‘give-aways’ of some of the candidates.  Free or highly subsidised coffee mornings already say a lot about the candidates but taking it to the hamper level is absurd and ludicrous.

Issues.  According to the political parties, people will be juggling with two main issues as they prepare to vote; the allegations of corruption versus the economic successes.  Really and truly, I believe that most people will go to vote for another reason in their mind and that is; ‘what’s in it for me?’.

Environment. This matter hardly featured in this election.  A pity, considering our wellbeing depends on the environment above everything else.  

Proposals.  What proposals? People are the least interested in the proposals being thrown at them, they are becoming immune.  Some feel that Father Christmas is overdoing it now!

Floaters.  In-between elections ‘floaters’ and ‘switchers’ are called all sorts of things.  They are accused of sitting on the fence, they have no principles etc. etc.  Now that the ‘floaters’ and ‘switchers’ potentially have the key to who wins the forthcoming election, the tide has changed and they have become more and more well-liked.   

Zaren.  Once again it is shameful that we have used and abused this gentleman.  It is so sad that we turned this man into a national symbol of humiliation.  I cannot believe we can do this to people.

Turncoats.  It seems that the protagonists in this election are turncoats that endorse the opposing parties, hailed as heroes for a bit until the dust settles and they become the enemies of their previous party and the dappled for the new one.

Children.  ‘The day after’ the Commissioner for Children and a whole array of organisations, including the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, issued a document for consultation on how to protect children from (abusive) political campaigning, here we are taking photo shots, promotional videos and covering news items with children in the foreground.  Blah!

Turnout.  Even though the surveys are showing that the PL is at an advantage I still think that this election is far from being a resolved issue.  I think that we will experience the lowest turnout we have ever had for a general election.

Steve Hili.  The (renowned, well not really) stand-up comedian, yes the one with the funny hairdo is back in business.  I heard from the grape vine that the ‘coalition’ and possibly the ‘movement’ are seriously considering adopting ‘State of the Nation’ as their political manifesto.  I think Hili will get such a peak with just the thought of this being true – bless him!

Dan u San (k/a Josh and Sean).  These two comedians, broadcasters, producers, actors (yes Jacks’ of many trades) are possibly the only satire we are getting during election time (with their slot on Xarabank and Skjetti mainly).  Having said so, a couple of weeks ago I had a line-up of guests during my radio show on Ghandi xi Nghid that included Colin Fitz (and his ferrovija muzikali), Joe Julian Farrugia, Ronnie Briffa, Daniel and Chrysander (Jesus who came up with this version of Alexander ghid?) and we talked politics tongue in cheek.  I must admit it was one of the programmes I enjoyed most.  The truth of the matter is that people get so huffy and sulky during election time if you dare remark on their Leaders – time to grow up?