Nato needs a European 2%

Nato’s summit in Brussels yesterday, the first for US president Donald Trump, was intended as a fresh start, a chance for him to distance himself from previous comments in which he called Nato obsolete, and to reassure allies of the steadfastness of the American security guarantee that is at the core of the alliance. Instead, […]

Letter – Let the debate begin | Opinions

There has been a debate challenge issued in Watertown’s mayoral race. Candidate forums allow for a brief snapshot of each participant. Actual debates allow for more in-depth Q&A by both the moderator and public. I recommend a recorded live stream video that can be pushed through social media & YouTube to engage younger voters. The […]

Tom Richmond: Use pause for reflection to drag election out of gutter

THE senseless murder last June of Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox was supposed to change the dynamics of political debate in this country for the better. If only. In the hours before Monday night’s terrorist atrocity at Manchester Arena, the conduct of the General Election campaign was spiralling out of control as demeaning insults […]

Let’s move toward a more civil debate | News, Sports, Jobs

After so many years of apathy toward politics, it’s a breath of fresh air to see so many people engaging with their federal representative on matters important to them. We hope people keep it up. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s campaign staff recently rallied supporters to “fight back” against “reprehensible” members of the “radical left” who […]

MoEFCC directive on cattle market sparks row over beef ban

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Stirring the Coffee: Truth Caucus candidly delivers political facts

Two of the Kansas Legislature’s unmistakable conservatives stood at the Capitol in front of like-minded politicians to debunk common perception that massive income tax increases were essential to balancing the state government budget. The reasonable way to protect Kansas families from being bludgeoned by unnecessary tax increases, according to Sen. Ty Masterson and Rep. Chuck […]

Experience : Political science professor retires

“The only sentence I could ever say in the Thai language was ‘can you show me the way to the ladies restroom?’ I could say it right every time.” Los Medanos College’s retiring political science teacher of twenty years, Dave Zimny, recalled the 8 months in which he struggled to learn Thai in 1975. He […]

Jerks! Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz haven’t learned a thing

Don’t let them fool you again. Odell Beckham Jr. and former teammate Victor Cruz exposed themselves as total jerks this week, but their individual crimes were more about their reluctance to show even an iota of change and maturity than any new infractions against them. Remember, when we last saw Beckham and […]