Div 7: Mayoral hopefuls reveal their plans

VOTERS will probably see some familiar faces when the search for a replacement councillor in division 7 begins.

While some of the candidates who stood for mayor have indicated they have no plans to take on another election campaign in the near future, others are already weighing up their odds.

Division 7 takes in central suburbs such as Coalfalls, Silkstone, Ipswich, Eastern Heights and Raceview.

The Greens candidate Brett Morrissey, who so far has polled fourth, says he will stand for the soon-to-be vacated division 7 seat.

Mr Morrissey was disappointed to see the majority of voters support known Labor Party members at Saturday’s election.

“We need a new direction and being elected to the council in division 7 would give me a voice and keep pressure on the new mayor to keep his promises,” Mr Morrissey said.

The only woman in the mayoral race, Patricia Petersen, polled well in Goodna and had expected

Cr Paul Tully to win, freeing up his division for a by-election.

Now, Ms Petersen will need to decide if she has the same chance in division 7 given Cr Andrew Antoniolli appears to be the winner and that is where the by-election will be held.

Voters are unlikely to see Gary Duffy posters up around the central suburbs. He expects the Labor Party to put up their preferred candidate, along with a wealth of resources.

That’s a fight he isn’t prepared to enter for a divisional seat.

“It’s a step down,” Mr Duffy said.

“We are trying to clean up Ipswich and from a divisional point of view that won’t work.

“You would need the backing of the World Bank to run against the Labor Party in a divisional seat. We don’t have those kind of resources.”

Dallas Klass, known as Big Dal, who is sitting in sixth spot, said he hasn’t ruled out another surprise political campaign.

“Never say never,” Mr Klass said. “For me to finish where I did says a lot … a lot of people have already asked me if I will do it.”