Eddie Izzard reveals political vision as he backs Jeremy Corbyn – PPP Focus

A supporter waits for Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn has taken aim at Theresa May and the Conservatives saying they are trying to “pitch young against old” with plans to scrap the pension triple lock and universal winter fuel allowance.

Under Gordon Brown in the 2010 general election, Labour picked up 29 percent of the vote, compared to the Tories 36 percent, while in 2015 Ed Miliband got 30 percent behind David Cameron’s 37 percent.

And Mr Corbyn said: “This message is getting through”. “For those that want to be convinced, they will be convinced”.

Labour’s salvo on pensioners comes after Mrs May unveiled her election manifesto on Thursday.

And he struck an upbeat note on Labour’s prospects, highlighting recent opinion polls showing support for the Opposition growing.

“And I just say this too: this could be a young person’s election because large numbers of young people are registering; for the first time those interested in politics want to have their say”.

“It is disgraceful and we are calling on the Conservative Party to withdraw it today“.

Corbyn’s leadership of Labour has been under nearly constant threat from the party’s moderate lawmakers since his surprise win in the aftermath of Miliband’s defeat in the 2015 election.

Corbyn then spoke about Labour’s plans for economic development, pledging investment into infrastructure, sustainable energy and industries. While 46 percent said they “liked” Labour, only 27 percent said they liked its leader.

Labour’s manifesto promised to reverse inheritance tax “giveaways” introduced by the Conservatives, but did not say what threshold the party would set for the 40% levy.

“This will become a devolved competency over the course of the lifetime of this parliament so we need to make sure that people in Scotland are not going to be short-changed by the Conservatives”.

Eddie on the campaign trail.

“But I tell you there’s an enthusiasm out there, we’ve got half a million members, the biggest political party in Europe, out there campaigning and Labour MPs right the way across the political spectrum in the Parliamentary Labour Party working together for a Labour government”.

The SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, was one of five party leaders taking part in a TV debate last night that was snubbed by the Prime Minister and Mr Corbyn. McCluskey will try to use his influence to help force through changes to leadership rules at September’s party conference to ensure a left-wing candidate on future ballots.

Conservatives took the fight to Labour over Mr Corbyn’s tax plans, with a claim nearly five million homes could be affected by his promise to lower thresholds for inheritance tax. Polling in the wake of leaks of the manifesto showed majority support for nearly all of Labour’s flagship policies.

For the Sunday Times, YouGov had the Conservatives on 44%, Labour on 35% and Lib Dems on 9%.

To them, “the electoral outcome is a effect of a mass movement, rather than a cause of it”, Talbot said.