Eduardo urges parties not to mix beef issue, religion for political mileage

PANAJI: Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Eduardo Faleiro on Friday urged political parties not to mix religion and beef issue for political mileage and instead asked the government to educate people about the health complications that emerged after eating beef.

“I am neither for nor against beef ban, it is ought to be done in a discreet manner and there is a need to educate people about the bad effects of eating beef on one’s health. People should not politicise this issue by mixing with religion,” said Faleiro.

He demanded that a portrait of Dr T B da Cunha as well as other leaders of the freedom movement of the State and Country must be displayed in Goa Legislative Assembly.

“It is important that the memory and teachings of our freedom fighters should inspire the younger generation, hence I had requested the then speaker of the house Rajendra Arlekar to put the portrait of Dr T B da Cunha and other leaders in the Assembly, but nothing was done. I request the current speaker to do the needful,” he said.

He also demanded that the government should restore the annual memorial lecture in memory of freedom fighter Purushottam Kakodkar which was being held at Goa University earlier but now it has been discontinued.

Welcoming the move of the government to introduce Yoga in the curriculum, Faleiro said, “Yoga is welcome in schools. However, it is suggested by some that Baba Ramdev should be allowed access to schools for setting up Yoga classes. This should not be permitted in view of his sectarian approach”.