Election Commission’s EVM challenge with riders defeats the very purpose of a hackathon, says AAP : India, News


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    Not letting parties meddle with EVMs defeats purpose of hackathon, says AAP.

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    Those who want to rig elections will not be following rules and regulations.

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    A team of AAP leaders will meet the poll panel within the next 2 days in this regard.

After the Election Commission said that it would hold EVM challenge from June 3 onwards while adding that parties would not be allowed to meddle with the machines, the Aam Aadmi Party has said that the poll panel had not given a fair opportunity to prove that the voting machines could be rigged.

Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi made it clear that the political parties would not be allowed to meddle with or replace the electronic equipments, as that would be the same as re-creating the machine. This condition, AAP says, defeats the entire purpose of the challenge.

AAP spokesperson Sanjay Singh said, “Riders put by the EC for the hackathon show that this is not a fair opportunity to demonstrate that tampering of EVMs is possible. Does the poll panel believe that people who wants to rig elections are going to follow any of their rules and regulations?”

The Aam Aadmi Party had posed the following three questions to the EC:

1. Will the EC allow parties to carry tools to the hackathon?

2. Will the EC allow EVMs to be opened up completely?

3. Will the EC allow parties to change the motherboard of the EVM?

Singh went on to say, “If the Election Commission doesn’t permit anyone to read the chip and change the motherboard, does it expect parties to chant mantras during the hackathon to tamper EVMs? Will anyone trying to rig elections do so within ‘terms and conditions’ set by the Election Commission?”

A delegation of AAP leaders will meet the poll panel within the next two days, asking it to conduct a fair hackathon challenge, which will allow parties full access to EVMs under camera surveillance as well as physical presence of EC officials.


In the demonstration on Saturday, the Election Commission reiterated its claim that voting the machines were tamper-proof.

The Election Commission said that it received no proof on tampering of EVMs from those who had doubted the authenticity of these machines.

Aam Aadmi Party leaders and Bahujan Samaj Party’s Mayawati had raised questions over the credibility of Electronic Voting Machines following the results of Assembly elections in 5 states earlier this year, alleging that the results were aimed at benefitting only one party.

AAP had, in fact, held a demonstration in Delhi Assemhly earlier this month to show how an Electronic Voting Machine could be rigged.

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