Email letters: April 16, 2018 | Opinion

Tax Opioid addiction is a terrorist living among us

The consequences of addiction, opiate addiction specifically — be it legally prescribed, illegally given, sold or heroin — are the same. The road users are on is tragic, painful and potentially forever.

We are destroying ourselves from the inside. Who, among us, really needs a larger, more frightening terrorist? As a country, we are seeking out our terrorist with a passion and an ever-increasing love. We will lie, cheat, steal, assault and kill for opioids. We abandon our children, our families and ourselves to obtain this lethal lover. We give our lives over to it totally and completely — with a dedication our families, God, a cause, not even the armed forces, has ever asked for or received. It has overcome us with a sleek seduction, over and over.

When and where will it end? No one seems to know when or how. Perhaps it begins where it started, with each of us. If we can find the moral and ethical musculature to say, “No, not with me, not with my family, not in my hometown, not in my country,” then we might fight the terrorist fighting us from inside our borders, inside our bodies, inside our own minds — that is killing us and our children.

This is my prayer for us all.

Daily Sentinel is not apolitical

It’s good to hear again from Sentinel publisher, Jay Seaton, in his latest column and always nice to know where the boss of the joint stands. But it’s quite impossible to read this particular opinion and not take issue with him concerning his fundamental proposition.

Claiming that the Sentinel is apolitical — “…we couldn’t care less about political outcomes around here” – is more than a stretch. Borrowing from the original application of H.L. Mencken’s written finery and applying it here: “This preposterous quackery flourishes lushly in the back reaches of the Republic…”

Man is a political animal. Period. That anyone, particularly in publishing, can claim a pristine political perspective is asking us to join in the fun of believing seriously in one’s self-evaluation, as if it can prove inarguable neutrality.

Does Mr. Seaton vote? Surely as a responsible citizen he does. Can he isolate this active expression of personal political preference and construct a completely non-political position for his editorial page, even with the pure, unspoiled assistance of editor Andy Smith? Bah.

I think we’re entangled here in maudlin nonsense by an editorial board that puts itself on a pedestal of placid perfection, above the fray, presuming to lead its readers to enlightenment with self-proclaimed unbiased insights.

The publisher’s presumption aside, I believe that Mr. Seaton and his staff publish a good newspaper, at least some of which is enjoyable and worth reading. That’s more than can be said for many a broadsheet. Besides, I still love the smell of newspaper and getting printer’s ink on my fingers.

Current affairs mirror popular television spinoff

The tone of current affairs is not unlike the microcosm in the spinoff from “Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul.” In this prequel, two self absorbed McGill brothers, Charles the head of an Albuquerque law firm and Jimmy, an aspiring lawyer, and a would be con man, have this on again, off again relationship.

Charles “rightness” tries to outdo Jimmy’s wrongness. What Charles can’t accept is his own humanity… much less that of others, and it destroys him. In the meantime Jimmy careens down a path where he eventually reinvents himself as Saul Goodman (it’s all good, man).

Not unlike Mueller and Trump. Trust Trump’s heart more than Mueller’s brain. Mueller represents the elite forces that would have put the government in control of third parties. Trump responds to the populous. It’s more revealing to see people react to Trump than to watch him posture. It tells how deep the fix was in for Hillary.

Public should celebrate new tax law

Tax Day is on Tuesday. While millions of Americans scramble to fill out their tax returns, we should also find time to celebrate the new tax law.

Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, more than 500 U.S. employers have publicly announced wage increases, bonuses, and other employee benefits. And over four million working Americans have reaped these benefits.

My employees are on the list. As the founder and president of Guy Chemical in Pennsylvania, I’m putting my tax savings to work by distributing bonuses and investing in expansion opportunities. We’re even considering a second manufacturing plant, which would bring jobs to rural Pennsylvania.

For years, I paid nearly 50 percent of my business income to the government—federal, state, and local. I’ve had to take out bank loans and mortgage my house just to pay my taxes. Fortunately, those days are behind us. Instead of bankrolling Uncle Sam, job creators are now growing their businesses and rewarding their employees.

That’s plenty to celebrate this Tax Day. And next year, there will be even more to celebrate once Americans see savings in their entirety under the new tax code.

Columnist relying on dubious facts

Mesa’s loyal “Trumpublican” Dave Kearsley is “wagging the dog” again (“Russia is a diversion from debate on real issues”) – and relying on dubious facts to do so.

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (“C.A.F.E.”) standards are intended to protect public health by reducing tail-pipe emissions that degrade air quality, to save Americans money at the pump by reducing the overall demand for gasoline, to promote renewable energy sources and alternative technologies, and to combat global climate change by reducing the transportation sector’s reliance on fossil fuel combustion. These are the “real issues” that Kearsley and his ilk willfully ignore – while driving SUV’s that exacerbate them.

Moreover, contrary to Dave’s analogies to background checks, the Second Amendment, and cell phones, CAFÉ standards apply only to new cars — not his SUV. Thus, Dave’s frivolous appeal to the conspiratorial lunatic fringe speaks volumes.

So, “let’s debate real issues like this” – but not naively ignore Trump’s “collusion” with Russians. “President Trump’s actions against Russia” – after giving sanctioned oligarchs more than a year to rearrange their financial assets and giving Assad more than a week to reposition his military assets –“have made it clear” that Putin still has his number.

Feral cats doing their part to keep rodents away

It was just brought to my attention that the Western Governors’ Association List of Invasive Species, has added feral cats (including all TNR cats to the top 50 invasive species in the west. This is my response to our Governor John Hickenlooper.

I would like to remind you of the fact that the plagues in Europe (Black Death was one title) were caused by rodents. Cats kill rodents and we are working to managing our feral cats. TNR is a very effective method and has been very successfully used to manage these cats while letting some of the most feral stay in their colonies and let the cats manage the rodents (rats, mice, etc.) Rats and mice destroy wiring in vehicles, farm equipment. They destroy grains when they get into it. For your information these rodents carry disease and when the cats control the rodent population we save money etc. I have four working cats on this section of the farm and we could not survive here without them These cats are all rescues and have been spayed/neutered and their vaccinations are all up to date. I hope that you will reconsider wanting to exterminate them.

Instead I would urge you to concentrate on exterminating real invasive species such as Russian knapweed, foxtail and I could go on and on but I hope by now you are getting the picture please leave the cats alone. Many groups are working on managing these feral animals and in fact about two months ago we had Dr. Jeff of Animal Planet come to the Grand Valley to film the trapping, neutering and the return of well over 125 cats. This episode is to be aired in June I believe. It would certainly be a low blow to have to tell all those people that our governor had all these animals slaughtered as invasive species so I am asking you to reconsider and concentrate on the real invasive species that I already mentioned .