Emmanuel Macron’s government to swiftly pass ‘political nepotism ban’ as poll suggests ‘no honeymoon’ period

However, in a sign there will be no “honeymoon period” for Mr Macron, inaugurated last Sunday, a third Elabe poll suggested that public confidence in the centrist president and his prime minister were the lowest in 20 years for French leaders at the start of their term.

Some 45 percent of voters said they had faith in his ability to tackle France’s problems, while 36 percent trusted Mr Philippe.

“This result shows an unprecedented situation … there is no honeymoon period for the president,” Elabe said in a note.

Le Figaro’s Guillaume Tabard said the poll was a “first warning for Macron” after a “chorus of praise” since his victory.

“By failing to fall for the ‘Macron mania’, public opinion this time wants to ward against the hangover of dashed hopes,” he wrote, noting that so many of his predecessors had proved a disappointment.

“(The French are) expressing a form of collective lucidity and principled defiance of any stage management, however seductive.”

Despite his comfortable 66-34 per cent victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the May 7 election, the president must still convince he can improve France’s social and economic ills.