Enes Kanter held at Romanian airport after Turkish embassy cancels passport

Oklahoma City Thunder‘s Enes Kanter has never been afraid to speak his mind when it comes to his political views. He’s an outspoken critic of the government in his home country of Turkey. His family even disowned him because he supported a coup against Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Nonetheless, Kanter’s stance has never swayed and he continues to be very active in Turkish politics from afar.

Seemingly due to his political beliefs, Kanter’s Turkish passport was cancelled and he is being held by police in an airport in Romania. Kanter informed everyone via his Twitter account.

“What’s up world. Just wanted to say we are in Romania and they said they cancelled my passport by Turkish Embassy. They  have been holding us here for hours by these two police. The reason behind is of course my political views. The guy who did it is the President of Turkey, and you guys know him by now. He’s attacked the people in Washington he’s a bad bad man. He is a dictator and he is the Hitler of our century. I’ll keep you posted guy, but just pray for us and I’ll tell you what’s going on. Appreciate it.”

Kanter is one of thousands of Turkish passport holders who have had their  passports cancelled as part of a wide crackdown after the failed coup in 2016.