Environment is not solely the worry of the political Left | Letters to the Editor

Although I understand that cartoons are meant to be funny and not meant to be a precise, factual portrayal of information as is the reporting of the news, the cartoon in the June 3 Frederick News-Post concerns me. Two people dressed in biohazard suits look on as a character named “the Left” is blowing its stack after reading the president’s announcement that the U.S. is pulling out of the Paris climate accord. One of the suited-up people remarks, “That can’t be good for the environment.” Not only does this seem to reinforce toxic divisiveness among people with different political views, but it also implies that concern for our environment, which includes both survival of a healthy planet and a healthy global economy, is politically based and the sole worry of the Left.

This, to me, is completely disproved by the number of Democratic and Republican mayors and governors, who have, thankfully, spoken up to assert their intention to follow the Paris initiative.