Everyone’s Running for President in 2020

WASHINGTON — Look, there’s a Maryland congressman at the Iowa State Fair just being a “normal person enjoying the fair with my family.” And there’s the mayor of Los Angeles stumping for a candidate in what just happens to be Manchester, New Hampshire. Oh, and over there, a billionaire former reality TV star (sound familiar?) is beating the president in polls.

Just six months after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and more than two years out from the first 2020 presidential nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, every Democrat seems to think he or she could be the next president.

“The old saw that every senator wakes up humming ‘Hail to the Chief’ now includes just about any Democrat who isn’t a convicted felon,” quipped Jonathan Tasini, a progressive activist.

Even a fairly conservative list of potential candidates stretches beyond two dozen names and next year’s midterm elections are likely to further swell the ranks of White House hopefuls.

Image: Dozen of Democrat's names mentioned in connection with the 2020 presidential race

Dozen of Democrat’s names have been mentioned in connection with the 2020 presidential race. The list includes governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, business people and one former vice president.