Facebook’s new tool will help political office holders to reach their constituent

Facebook Politics

Credit: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/07/facebook-inserts-itself-into-politics-with-new-tools-that-help-elected-officials-reach-constituents/

Is Facebook dabbling into politics? The company on Wednesday launched a new tool aimed at helping you to reach your government representatives on its social network with ease.

This is coming on the heels of previously launched features aimed at helping people engage their government representatives with ease. The new tool launched by Facebook today is basically designed for political office holders. The new tool will help government officials connect with their constituents, and have a better understanding of issues that are paramount in their hearts.

To this end, three new features, including constituent badges, constituent insights, and district targeting were added to help officials engage their constituents in constructive discussions on the social media.

Constituent badges: According to TechCrunch, this opt-in tool will allow Facebook users to identify themselves as individuals living in the same district their elected representatives live. An earlier tool launched by the social media giant, Town Hall, will be used to determine whether or not a particular individual is a constituent. This will be based on the address information provided as part of the process used by a user on the badges.

Constituent insights: This second tool is aimed at helping elected officials learn which local news item and content is popular in the district they represent. This will enable them to share their views on such matters.

Facebook says this new tool will be available through a dedicated Page Insights designed specifically for representatives. Elected officials will be able to access this news items through a scrollable section. As an elected representative, you will be able to click a link to post any story of interest to your Facebook Page.

District targeting: this tool is aimed at giving elected officials the means to gathering information from their respective constituent through the social media directly. This can be achieved either through posts or polls targeted only towards people living in their district.

Last March, Facebook launched Town Hall to enable you be in touch with government officials and add local election reminders. Town Hall, which comes with News Feed integration, will encourage and remind users to vote in state, county, and municipal elections. The social media giant also rolled out a local election reminder for the first time last March.

Apparently, Facebook is trying to assure Americans that its intentions towards helping Americans register, vote and be in touch with their representatives are genuine. Recall that the social media giant came under heavy criticism over its role in the last US Presidential elections held in November 2016. The social media giant was accused of not doing enough to curb the spread of fake news.

Reputation is everything, and Facebook, and last December, the company teamed up with Snopes, FactCheck.org, Politifact and ABC News—all four companies along with the social media behemoth to fight fake news. The goal is to make fake news less visible to people. By appending warnings from fact checkers to fake news feed, spammers and those who benefit from reporting hoaxes will no longer enjoy a free reign on the platform.