Five Star’s programme will reflect the profound changes in Italy

I have read your article “Rome opens its gates to the modern barbarians”(Opinion, May 15) and, with all due respect to an important newspaper like yours, honestly I think you need to better understand what is taking place in Italy. And I suggest you get to know the Five Star Movement a little more closely.

The last 30 years in Italy have been characterised by a constant mixture of politics, the mafia and occult affairs that have literally shattered our country to the bone, marking every possible negative record in our history.

Nowadays, Italy has about six million people under the absolute poverty threshold and about 100,000 young people every year expatriating to try their luck elsewhere, often in your country.

All this is the result of barbarians, old barbarians about whom I have never read as many negative things in your editorials as I am reading these days against us.

The Five Star Movement was born in 2009 with a specific aim: to bring the popular will back to the centre of the political debate and the decisions of the central government.

In just nine years we have grown so much that we can now see what we have accomplished, with more than 11m people who trusted us in the last elections.

We succeeded by working hard, with our heads down, studying, always struggling to defend Italian citizens.

We succeeded with the youngest, most educated and most gender-balanced parliamentary group that the history of Italy has ever seen.

Italians have always believed us based on the awareness that everything we have promised or written in a programme, has become a reality on the first occasion we have had to make it happen.

In your article you are talking about a contract of government that is difficult to implement and economically unsustainable: what a pity you have not read this contract yet! And this is an offence to professional journalism, also.

But there is one thing you are right about. The contract we are writing is challenging and it will not be easy to remedy the damage caused by political barbarians governing our country for the past 30 years. But we are doing our best to restore hope and to give Italians a brighter future.

If you want to better understand how we will acccomplish this, I suggest you do not waste time publishing false news created ad-hoc by the Italian media system, get to know the Five Star Movement and report the truth instead.

Manlio Di Stefano
Five Star Movement MP, Rome, Italy