Former Dallas business consultant gets probation for bribery in John Wiley Price corruption case | Crime

Christian Campbell said in a plea agreement that he helped funnel bribes from a political consultant to Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

A federal jury said earlier this year that Price did not commit bribery.

Campbell, 47, nevertheless was sentenced on Thursday to 18 months’ probation for a bribery charge, a felony, and ordered to pay a $25,000 fine.

He is in the unusual position of being the only one directly linked to the alleged bribery conspiracy to be convicted and punished. That was not lost on the judge.

“Mr. Campbell, this is an odd circumstance,” U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn said during the brief sentencing hearing.

Lynn acknowledged the substantial assistance Campbell gave to prosecutors in the high-profile case, as well as the damage to his reputation and career prospects from the enormous publicity the case generated over several years.

“Nothing ever dies on the internet,” Lynn said.

The judge said that if Campbell pays the entire amount of the fine early, she would consider a request to shorten his probation.

‘Fundamental fairness’

When the indictments were announced, few people inside or outside of county government had heard of Campbell.

He was a computer consultant many years ago for a Dallas County contractor. He admitted in federal court in 2015 to helping funnel bribes to Price with help from the commissioner’s political consultant and close confidante, Kathy Nealy.