Former head of California’s campaign watchdog agency hit with fines by the agency

Dan Schnur, the former chairman of the state campaign watchdog agency, has agreed to pay that agency $4,500 in fines for failing to properly disclose and handle some campaign contributions to his unsuccessful 2014 run for secretary of State.

Schnur was chairman of the state Fair Political Practices Commission before he ran for office. In a report released Monday, the FPPC said Schnur failed to disclose within 10 days a contribution he made to his campaign and didn’t process some campaign expenditures through his campaign account.

The latter count involves $12,658 in travel expenses that Schnur paid using personal credit cards though they were disclosed as campaign expenses.

The commission report said an aggravating factor was that Schnur was previously fined $200 for failing to report a 2013 gift of $1,018 in travel expenses from the Northern California Lincoln Club, and that “Schnur is experienced with the [Political Reform] Act, having previously served as the Chair of the Commission.”

Schnur said: “I was originally disappointed when I saw that the fine for what was essentially a clerical error was so substantial. But I developed  tremendous respect for the FPPC staff during my time working with them, so of course I agreed to their proposal without complaint.”