FPOA helps make Fontana a better place

The Fontana Police Officers Association is a non-profit organization. We aren’t the government. We are an association of professional employees.

But we’re more than just a labor organization. We have a clear and demonstrated record of collaborating with the city, businesses, faith-based and other service-based groups who work together to make Fontana a better place to live, work, play and invest.

Just like nearly every labor association in the state of California, the Fontana POA has a PAC. Having a PAC is very common. Nearly every medium to large size non-profit organization or business in the state has a PAC.

As the law requires, the Fontana POA created a separate and completely distinct entity called the Fontana POA Political Action Committee or PAC. The PAC is a totally separate organization.

The PAC regularly submits the required reports to California’s regulating body called the Fair Political Practices Commission. The PAC is in full compliance with the law and regulations.

The PAC occasionally contributes funds to political candidates. As you would expect, we support candidates who are consistent with and share our well established focus, which is to make Fontana a better place to live, work, play and invest.

The Fontana POA has a clear and demonstrated record of focusing our resources — thousands of hours of volunteer time as well as thousands of dollars — to help improve the quality of life in Fontana.

That means when we do endorse a candidate, we do so because they have a proven commitment to making Fontana better, which includes supporting public safety and the police service. That is why over the past years we have supported candidates including Mayor Acquanetta Warren.

Sometime politicians speak out of both sides of their mouth. If politicians change their commitment to serving the best interests of Fontana and public safety, we will no longer endorse and support them. Our interest is in doing what it best for Fontana, not in doing what is best for a politician’s career.

(Rich Guerrero is the president of the Fontana Police Officers Association.)