FrontPageAfrica Newspaper – Open Letter To Rep, Youngblood: We Are Watching You

… Madam Representative, we are watching you – even with the morass of your propagandas during these political campaigns we are watching you masquerade the District as though the report card you submitted had passing marks.

Hon. Munah E. Pelham-Youngblood
Representative, District #9, Montserrado County
Republic of Liberia

Ref: We are watching you – even with the morass of your propagandas during these political campaigns, the purity of the Constitution must be preserved; the people of District 9, Montserrado County, emphatically rejects your individual concurrence with the House of Senate to grossly violate Article 34 D(i) of our Constitution

Dear Representative Youngblood:

Congratulations on your clearance from the 2013 LACC report!

With your crash on our quest for generational change, I am draped in shame and hopelessness as a voice of the voiceless to pen you the thought of the people. It is my hope that it meets you in good fate and rationale.

On August 24, 2017, I was at the Press Union of Liberia political debate organized for Representative Candidates (in each of the seventy-three Districts in Liberia) which you were a part of.

A debate that saw Candidates parroting ideas to recover the District from the bankruptcy you have created, yet with no morals you disrupted the Debate, simply because the conscience of the people ‘as you saw it’ was provoked to understand that you have not only dismally performed as a Lawmaker but also heighten disenchantment among conscious youth about the state of your generational change philosophy.

This highly sophisticated debate that was moderated by Journalists Tetee Geeko and Darius Zinnah of the PUL was later disrupted by a generational-gatecrash.

As evident to your too many surreptitious testimonies that much has not been done so you need a contract extension. There will be no extension! I promise you.

Honorable Lawmaker, the need to pointedly muscle the complexities of your representation will never go undiluted.

As a citizen of your constituency, very prominent, I am curious to know your side of the enduring debate, particularly I have been following the ongoing Liberian-control economy versus foreign-control economy debate.

For me I support the Liberian-control economy. Which side do you support?

I supported that group because I don’t want to turn as a beggar or a thug in my own country. I don’t want to be termed as a second class citizen in my own country.

I followed them because they are forward sons of freedom who matched to defend the sacred heritage of our motherland, not a group of arrogant few bankrupted by moral credentials to debate serious national issues, not a group of power infested few hatred to observing the impartial conditions of the people security as enshrined in article 34b of the Sawyer’s Constitution.

Honorable Representative, as a student of the Most Revered Revolutionary Gabriel Baccus Matthew of magnificent memory, I was made to understand simple foko dialectics pocketed by the elements of the progressives to disrupt the hypocrisy of True Whig Party Oligarchy which had long shown signs and symptoms of bankruptcy.

Master Baccus said “the rate of illiteracy will/for some time determine the results of our elections and even with this uncivilized democracy the ‘politically untamed and honorably disgruntle’ will be exposed when they stand up against the republic, least am I to emphasize that in all these times of injustices the most decent of men will stand UP to defend their integrities”.

As his student, I understood because of the high illiteracy rate the people are not conscious enough to know progressive leaders but with that fate of ignorance those men he termed most decent will always existed as the critical mass, they were the ones who said their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and above all the Liberian people must not be seen a strangers in their homeland.  

He further asserted that it doesn’t matter how many nay or yea you make but the critical mass that understands the issue of the people’s welfare will be remember in the anal of the people history.  

You will only be remembered in the little literature at the Legislature.
Madam Representative, we are watching you – even with the morass of your propagandas during these political campaigns we are watching you masquerade the District as though the report card you submitted had passing marks.

Masquerading with the very youth you insulted on August 16, 2015 in an interview with Power TV, terming younger people of your District as drug addicts and smokers.

I pity all those brothers and sisters who sided with you and have never regretted that statement was intolerable and highly immoral on the part of an honorable person.

The insulted yesterday has become the Jewel today. What would be morally wrong were you to apologize to the youth?

In fact you are a youth so should we deduced and say that you insulted yourself? Sometimes your lack of experience to the office you represent lands you in moral crisis like the sort of your kind honorable.

Please remember that wherever there are wrongs there will be men or women of sincerity spirited enough to go against those wrongs, understanding the impartial conditions has elated my intelligence to enlighten you about some of your pitfalls as a lawmaker:

  • The 21 Hand Pumps project implemented did not follow the provision laid in Chapter 5 Section 46.1 of the PPCC Law.” Public procurement shall be undertaken by means of advertised open bid proceedings, to which equal access shall be provided to all eligible and qualified bidders without discrimination, subject only to the exceptions provided under this Part for particular methods of procurement”. Who were the bidders and which dailies advertised the bidding?
  • Failure to implement the four resolutions passed by the people of District #9 (ranging from September 2, 2012 to August 15, 2015). Ignoring the people’s mandate  and escaping the District’s Term of Reference
  • Failure of the District Development Council to implement a single project since its establishment as provisioned by the laws of the District (DDC Constitution)
  • Failure to duly apply the US$1,500 monthly allowance for District Home Office and the US$1,000 for Constituency Entertainment. Being fully aware of the US$1,980 as District Office rental fee for 1 year and six months. Even with the surplus of US$ 92,100 left from original US$ 102,000 yet the District still rents office space
    The lack of programs to recreate/empower the youth and women of our beloved District
  • Failure to reconcile the people as evident to your  polarization of communities elections (eg: 12th Street, Lakpazee & Wroto Town communities Elections)
    Failure for all communities to be represented at the District Council has emboldened impoverishment among the people that is why  the plight of the people cannot be put forward
  • The District lacks an account as stated in the DDC Constitution  Article 4 section 2 (that you consciously signed) consequently your personal accounts have been used to save District Funds (eg; Ebola Fund collected at New Matadi, Don Bosco); We are still anticipating the 2,000,000LD balance Anti Ebola Fund intended to empower Ebola-affected families in the District… we are watching you closely.
  • Failure to give account of our District Ambulance since its launch in New Matadi. 
  • Obstruction to District developments to name a few; The Modernization of Lakpazee Palava Hut by Hon. Robert Allen Sirleaf only because he was an opposition politician; The Pavement of the Lakpazee Zoo road by a Japanese businessman; Obstruction to Youth Progress by hosting Miss District #9 in 2011 and up to date the Queen has yet gotten her due award; Denouncement to Human Development by closing down the Liberia Vocational Institute after taking funds from striving residents with the desire of empowerment.
  • Your individual concurrence with the Arrogant Few (Senators) on US$59.5 million Pre-Financing Loan Agreement that violates Part V Section 45.1(Margin of Preference) –where is the practical aspect of Liberianization Policy? & Section 46 of our PPCC Law; didn’t you know that this shortsightedness on the part of those Financially Arrogant Senators, shadows Liberian-possessed companies and render them dependently dormant and valueless.

Finally Honorable, I have been made to wonder, on what basis you seek reelection when of course your test given for six years require a result to independently represent the test. But to the contrary the grades of your report card caught our attention and have restored a sense of consciousness to the unsophisticated people that they will not be driven in the morass of vote one vote all.

It is only on the old mat that you must sit to plat the new one where is the old one? Your yea vote to a fake contract has placed tears in the eyes of all residents and the annoyingly arrogant residents will emphatically through the ballot retire you. That is their words!

Proverb 20:17 “bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth will be filled with gravels”

Till we meet at the ballot box on October 10, 2017, I say let us all support a peaceful and violence free elections.
Daniel Tlokon Besstman, OGBM,
Wroto Town Community/ District #9
Cell: 0776811809/0880618248/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.