Get dark money out of politics; be sure to vote | Opinion Letters

I am so disgusted with all these glossy full page negative political ads. I looked up one I got from the “Congressional Leadership Fund”. Their website brags of how they are bringing in tons of money to influence ALL the special elections in ALL the states. If this is leadership, God help us!

What I hate about this disgusting glut of glossy, expensive ads: 1) They don’t focus on Montana issues — it’s East Coast money trying to dictate how Montana votes; 2) They try to turn people off of politics, when our democracy depends on all of us voters paying attention and VOTING, and 3) They are so wasteful! They spend millions of dollars that could be used for feeding people, healthcare and education.

We work hard here in Boulder, Montana, to support our local community. We hold bake sales to help our neighbors with medical expenses, and fundraisers for our kids’ school supplies and equipment. I am sick that a bunch of out-of-state billionaires, who don’t care whether our children or our parents are sick, educated, or employed, are trying control our votes.

I am a grassroots Rob Quist supporter. I go door to door and we donate what we can. I believe in focusing on the issues. I encourage us to get DARK MONEY out of politics. We are not big money people here! Please make an educated decision based on the issues, and vote in the special election Thursday, May 25th. Thank you!

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