Greg Knight’s ‘Alan Partidge’ Election 2017 campaign video goes viral

A Conservative election candidate’s hilarious campaign video has gone viral as people compared it to the work of Alan Partridge.

Greg Knight, who is seeking to retain his East Yorkshire seat in Thursday’s General Election, appeared in a campaign film which was met with delight online.

The footage shows him introducing himself and asking for votes, before urging people to back Prime Minister Theresa May instead of a “Coalition of chaos” led by Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.

As it comes to an end, the film then shifts to a purpose written, 80s-style pop song featuring the lyrics: “You’ll get accountability with Conservative delivery / Make sure this time you get it right, vote for Greg Kniiiiiiight.”



Although the video was uploaded to YouTube earlier in the campaign, it has now gone viral after capturing the imagination of social media users.

Tom Carr, whose response to the clip was typical, wrote: “Greg Knight MP has been watching too much Alan Partridge. I’m legit crying of laughter.”

Another person added: “Alan Partridge has successfully assumed the form of Greg Knight, Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire. #GE2017”

The video has now been viewed almost 75,000 times on YouTube.

The Evening Standard has contacted Mr Knight’s office for comment. The 68-year-old was first elected to Parliament in 1983, and has held the seat of East Yorkshire since 2001.