Hawkins native running for Governor of Tennessee | Rogersville

RUTLEDGE — A Hawkins County native who is now a conservative Republican candidate for Governor of Tennessee was campaigning “full steam ahead” at the 25th annual Tomato Festival last weekend in Grainger County.

“We’re having a great time, meeting people and talking about what’s important to the folks of this area,” White told the Review as she shook hands, greeted festival attendees, and handed out campaign cards.

White is a long-time realtor in Johnson City and has taken an active role in GOP politics in Northeast Tennessee for many years.

Originally from the Church Hill area, White is a member of First Baptist Church of Church Hill and served on the Hawkins Co. Industrial Board for nine years in the 1990’s.

White said she is convinced that Tennessee needs a leader in Nashville who is “strong on issues and has good judgment in character when it comes to selecting cabinet members”.

White was not in favor of the recent gas tax that came with the Improve Act, nor was she supportive of Gov. Bill Haslam’s most recent budget.

“I am a native of Tennessee with a long heritage of family members born and raised in East Tennessee,” a statement on White’s website says. “I was raised to respect your elders, love my God and be kind to others. Throughout my life I have always been passionate about my home state, the people and this country. It has been painful to witness the decline of leadership and more importantly … forgetting the people’s voice. I felt God strongly leading me to contribute my time and experience to this position as your Governor.”

She is also fully supportive of President Donald Trump and believes Tennessee needs someone “with integrity, wisdom and strength to tackle the big issues in Nashville and drain our own swamp in Tennessee”.

White’s experience in GOP political circles runs deep. She ran for Congress twice and has worked on the political campaigns for many local, district, state and national Republican candidates — including Ted Cruz, Herman Cain, and Donald Trump — and helped to organize the Tri-Cities Tea Party.

“Those that know me know I will be a leader who will make tough decisions to return us back to our Tennessee roots,” she said. “I believe without God we are nothing and in my experience, prayer can change people, can change the course of a state and make us prosperous once again.

“As Governor, I want to bring the voice back to its people, the power back to our churches and law enforcement, while instilling God’s values back into the core of our state legislature.”

For more on White and her campaign, readers may visit www.kaywhiteforgovernor.com.