HBO’s John Oliver highlights Seattle’s KOMO for rebelling against Sinclair

HBO satirist John Oliver highlighted a Seattle TV station Sunday night for its “clever acts of rebellion” against its conservative parent company, the Sinclair Media Group.

Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight” focused on Sinclair’s ongoing attempt to buy Tribune Media and the impact it could have on local TV news. Sinclair has been criticized for requiring its local stations to broadcast segments that promote conservative political views.

Oliver contends that the $4 billion deal would increase Sinclair’s reach to 2.2 million households for its most-watched news shows and would mean “more unsuspecting audience members who’ll be getting a heaping dose of Sinclair’s content possibly without realizing it.”

When talking about “must-run” content sent to local stations, he used Seattle’s KOMO-TV as an example of a station “engaged in clever acts of rebellion.” He pointed out that KOMO aired one “must-run” segment at 4:54 a.m.

“So it was basically only seen by people in hospital waiting rooms, customers at 24-hour 7-Elevens and Craig,” Oliver said, as an image of an overweight man holding a pizza in one hand a TV remote in the other flashed on the screen. “Go to bed Craig. Get your (stuff) together and go to bed.”

Here’s video of the entire segment: