Here are some of the world’s most powerful pets – Pawsome pets

Pawsome pets

Pawsome pets

Rahul Gandhi’s twitter video post of his dog, attributing his resurrection on the microblogging website to his pet drew varied response from his political rivals and followers.

The video showed a hand placing something edible between the dog’s eyes and nose as the Congress vice president is heard issuing some commands. In a swift, deft move, the dog jumps and catches it in his mouth.

The video got RaGa’s pet Pidi some fan following. Many political leaders have their pets. It shows a different side to their otherwise politically hectic life. Let’s look at some of the pets of powerful leaders.



Theresa May's inherited cat, Larry

Theresa May’s inherited cat, Larry

Though British prime minister Theresa May did not adopt Larry the cat — he came with the house. Larry’s title is Chief Mouser of the Cabinet Office. He moved into the prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing St. under May’s predecessor, David Cameron. However, in an interview with the Times she revealed she is more of a dog person, and that the cat keeps his distance from her.



Putin the dog lover

Putin the dog lover

Russian President Vladimir Putin, a dog lover, recently received a alabai puppy as a belated birthday gift from Turkmenistan’s president. The pup called Verny which means ‘faithful’ in Russian, is a home-bred Turkmen variety of the Central Asian shepherd dog.

Putin also own three other dogs, who who live at his residence in Moscow.



Emmanuel Macron and Nemo

Emmanuel Macron and Nemo

According to the BBC, French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife spent two hours and nearly $300 for the dog Nemo, who was adopted from a shelter outside of Paris.



Justin Trudeau's dog, Kenzie

Justin Trudeau’s dog, Kenzie

In April 2016, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau claimed in a tweet that his family had adopted a puppy. The family named the Portuguese Water Dog Kenzie.



Sauli Niinistö's Lennu

Sauli Niinistö’s Lennu

The President of Finland has a super adorable Boston terrier called Lennu. Lennu is five years old and he is mostly seen along with President Niinistö attending important meetings and stealing shows.